Arthur Recap Season 1 Episode 11 Part 2 “D.W.’s Baby”

So the last episode was the arrival of Kate seen through Arthur’s eyes. Not going to lie, it was a pretty blah episode with a glaring plot hole: why are other kids (who are obviously either only children or the younger sibling) giving advice to Arthur who has already been through the anxiety of getting a little sister when he was four?

D.W.’s Baby is a far more interesting episode because D.W. not only provides a more humorous perspective with her sassiness but she is more juvenile than Arthur and sees things less maturely than him which provides some hilarious comedy. This is also a more interesting episode considering the new family dynamic: the arrival of Kate affects D.W. more than it does Arthur, despite the fact that as the oldest, he will have more responsibility in the house, because D.W. is no longer the second child but now, as they say, stuck in the middle. We have all heard that middle children often feel pushed aside in favor of the youngest who demands more attention (as if D.W. isn’t demanding enough!) and the oldest who is the pioneer of the siblings and becomes the standard all the others are compared to. This is addressed in a later episode where D.W. feels Arthur’s legacy haunts her even at her preschool, which he presumably went to before her. D.W. deals with jealousy and inconvenience more than Arthur does since Kate will be living in her room and D.W. has to accommodate her and additionally, since the age difference between Kate and D.W. is smaller than the one between Kate and Arthur, D.W. is the one who will be interacting with Kate more.

Man, doesn’t that sound like a smart analysis of an eleven minute episode? I should make insert a random GIF here to remind you that this is supposed to be humorous.


Onto the recap!

Arthur is watching the video of his first birthday where he sneezed on the birthday cake and it landed on Jane. Then, D.W.’s first birthday comes up and I have to say, Arthur is a helluva nicer brother than D.W. gives him credit for. He tries to teach her how to blow on the candles but she garbles some nonsense that sounds suspiciously like “Gimme lots of presents!”



Now they are celebrating Kate’s first birthday and D.W. is filming the whole thing, saying sisters are always better than brothers. Arthur reminds her that there was a time when D.W. wasn’t always crazy about Kate.

Flashback time!

We got back to the scene shown in Arthur’s Baby when Kate first comes home but as we know now, this is a perspective flip focusing on D.W. At first D.W. is excited to see the new baby and demands to hold her.

Jane and David:


 Man, that was a harsh GIF. I don’t have a nice “shut up” Gif though. Moving on.

D.W. is annoyed that all they do is put Kate in the crib. “That’s it? We’re done with her?…Hasn’t she had enough sleep by now?”

D.W., you slay me.

D.W. is obsessed with the baby, even listening to Kate breathe on the monitor. David tells her, “D.W. we have done this twice already. Chill out and watch some Cupcake Wars with the family like a normal person.”

David watches the Food Network because he is in the catering business.

D.W. is annoyed that she can’t help do anything for Kate like give her a bath or anything. She complains to her imaginary friend Nadine that she’s a baby expert so why don’t they want her help?



D.W. you are not a baby expert. The only people who are baby experts are parents and even then, some of them aren’t baby experts. They could be toddler experts, pre-teen experts, etc. Humans are the only animal who do not have direct maternal/paternal instincts. When dogs have babies, they know what to do with them. We have to read What to Expect When You’re Expecting and go see doctors and eat healthy and learn how to breast feed and how to hold a baby.

You are four years old. You have not even started your menstrual cycle. DO NOT EVEN GET ME STARTED.

We get to the scene from Arthur’s Baby where Arthur has to watch over Kate and Nadine tells D.W. that this is her chance to impress Mommy and Daddy with her baby knowledge but as we all know, Arthur calmed the baby down without her help.

D.W. is annoyed that Arthur stole her thunder but Nadine assures her that Arthur didn’t mean to make her look bad. I think it was on tvtropes where someone noted that Nadine represented the clearer-headed side of D.W.’s personality, who actually takes the time to think things through and plan carefully. D.W., who is more impulsive, impulsively tells Nadine to shut up.

Kate moves into D.W.’s room and at first she is like this:


But Kate cries like this:


Like all night.

So D.W. is like this:


Not only does Kate cry all night but D.W.’s room now stinks of dirty diapers and her room has to be baby proofed. She talks to the Tibble twins about this and they suggest that she try to get Kate into trouble so David and Jane won’t like her anymore.

D.W. tries to sabotage Kate but to no avail. My favorite part was this one:

David: Who put my new shoes in the dishwasher?

D.W.: Kate did it! I saw her.


David: D.W. go to your room and think about what you just said. 



That was good, guys. That was good.

Then at a garage sale, D.W. tries to sell Kate for fifty cents. D.W., I know you want to get rid of her but Kate is presumably a nice Caucasian baby. I know you can get a lot more than that in a black market somewhere.

Of course she is thwarted and D.W. goes inside and watches a special about monkeys who live on an island. This makes D.W. decide to run away so she says goodbye to everyone but no one takes her seriously and she walks across town or something to Grandma Thora’s house. Only in Elwood City would a four year old be able to do that. I mean, I live in a relatively safe suburb but if a four year old was walking around by herself, you better believe social services would be called.

D.W. tells Grandma Thora that she is running away and would Thora mind giving her a ride to the nearest island?

D.W. is quite the moocher.

They start rowing to the island and D.W. tells Thora, “I’ll write to you..after I learn how to write.” Thora gently asks D.W. why she is running away and D.W. confesses to being jealous and feeling unwanted at home. Then Thora makes her realize that Kate needs a big sister around and D.W. has a change of heart and goes back home.

Jane and David were mildly worried about her, to their credit and D.W. decides she is no longer mad at Kate and promises to show her how to do everything.

"Except change diapers," she says. "That’s what mommies and daddies are for."

Oh, she kills me. Kate is now D.W.’s baby.

Grade: A+ (I was about to give this a regular A but then I realized that the truly memorable lines in this episode bumped it up a few points.)

Rating: 85% intense. Running away is pretty intense.

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